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We build high-quality, innovative AI-powered SaaS solutions that redefine how information is organised within companies & how teams collaborate and get work done.

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we are proximity —

we are proximity —

A global team of coders, designers, product managers, geeks, and machine learning experts. We solve complex problems and build cutting edge tech, at scale.

Build things that matter, with people who challenge you.

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Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Data Engineering
Predictive Analytics
Recommendation Systems
AI Strategy
Model Evaluation
Managed Services
Web Development
Product & Design
Product Management
UX Design
UI Design
Mobile Development
React Native
Event-driven Architecture
Data Engineering
Golang, Java, Python
NoSQL –  Dynamo, Cassandra
SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL
Infrastructure As Code
Container Orchestration & Automation
Alerting & Monitoring
High-Calibre Product Pods
Assemble dedicated teams
Custom Skillsets
Modular & Adaptable

what our clients are

Proximity has been a great tech partner for our company, accommodating and supplementing our existing engineering team while providing a combination of great tech expertise and willingness to step in where necessary
Richard Hong
Co-Founder, OpenBorder
Working with the Proximity team has been an excellent experience. From the start, they dove into our project at FrontRow with enthusiasm, asking insightful questions and suggesting creative ideas we hadn't considered. Unlike typical agencies, Kitu & Madhvi go beyond mere execution, bringing valuable expertise and a willingness to challenge assumptions. Their honest approach has been a tremendous asset, and I would highly recommend them for their exceptional service and collaborative mindset.
Ty Haener - FrontRow
Ty Haener
Sr. Design Manager, FrontRow
From the outset, the Proximity team took the initiative to genuinely understand CommandK, going the extra mile to ensure our branding perfectly encapsulated the essence of our product. By tailoring the design to fit our unique identity, the Proximity team crafted a cohesive and compelling brand that resonates with our target audience.
Jayesh Sidhwani - Cmdk
Jayesh Sidhwani
CEO & Co-Founder - CommandK
The Proximity team are wizards when it comes to delivering high-quality work under tight deadlines. Their approach to the problem was very creative and resulted in a fantastic outcome. Their attention to detail, ability to navigate through ambiguous situations, and thinking beyond & bigger made this partnership a big success.
Divye Bokdia - Upstox
Divye Bokdia
VP, Head of Design - Upstox
I love what the Proximity team has done for our brand and product both. They’ve created something that appeals to a wide target group, and have given us a solid foundation to build upon. The new guidelines are really easy to follow, and we’ve been putting out high-quality stuff at great speed.
Harshvardhan Mandad - THA
Harshvardhan Mandad
CEO and Founder - The Homework App
Handpicked React talent for your team!
Handpicked Gen AI talent for your team!