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Born without boundaries.

We are a fully distributed team of like-minded people who love a good challenge and thrive in a culture of complexity and innovation.

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Proximity lies at the intersection of growth and speed.

If you're a growth stage company with a successful MVP and no idea how to scale it, we are the team you need. If you're an enterprise company bogged down by slow processes and bloated technology, we're your guys!

We are not a short term solution to building your product, we are your core engineering team. With years of experience under our belts and strong startup roots, Proximity fills a very specific gap between building for scale and staying nimble.

This is what
we believe.

Autonomy is everything.

You don't hire smart people and tell them what to do. You give them the freedom to chart their own paths. It's the surest way onward, and upward.

Choose to act, and dare to fail.

We encourage our team to act decisively, make mistakes, and learn from them. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn, but every moment wasted hesitating is an opportunity lost.

Communicate, communicate, overcommunicate.

We insist that everyone communicate constantly, openly, and proactively. We encourage asynchronous communication over synchronous, large written briefs over Zoom calls, open channel messages over Slack DMs. It's the only way to function efficiently as a remote team.

Focus on the marathon, ease off on the sprint.

Burnout is real, painful, and expensive. The only way to ensure success in the long term is to work in a way that is sustainable. Our employees work on a flexible schedule and are never expected to put in over 40 hours of work in a week.

We are a work in progress.

Every product we roll out can be made even better. Our best talent can grow even further. We believe that everyone and everything is always a work in progress, and we invest heavily in tools and courses that can help us grow.

We make our differences count.

We are engineers, product managers, designers and geeks. We love what we do and we're great at it — but that's where the similarities end. At Proximity, we go out of our way to hire exceptional talent from different places, people with different backgrounds, ideas, approaches and opinions. These differences are powerful — they help us remember that there is no single right way of thinking and help us stay curious and humble.

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